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Futureproof your body

Myodetox Level 1 ~ Therapist Treatment Sessions with Victoria!

·      Does pain prevent you from moving happily in your day-to-day life?

·      Do you often catch yourself slouching throughout the day? Is your height and posture constantly fighting with gravity?

·      Do you struggle getting into yoga poses without understanding what is stopping you? Do you have pain conducting certain exercises?

·      Do you need help reaching your fitness or yoga pose goals for 2018?

If you answered yes to at least one question below, this may be the the answer you’ve been looking for


–       Re-align the body and improve posture

–       Understand your movement, posture and muscle imbalances

–       Reduce/relieve muscle and joint pain with manual therapy (applying the Myodetox system of fascial and movement techniques)

–       Live day to day life understanding your body so you can do what you love without physical limitations

How it works

–       Bodyscan – identify problem areas, root cause(s) of pain and other aspects holding you back from healthy posture and movement

–       Manual therapy – hands on treatment with various muscle release and mobilization techniques

–       Alignment – evaluate body strengths, weaknesses and relationship to gravity

–       Action – Develop a plan to get you moving ‘right’ and pain-free!

Regular Prices

$75 – ½ Hour

$130 – 1 Hour

$180 – 1.5 hour

Special Offer until February – 5 for $500 ($100/Session)

To book your session, email us at or call us at 647.352.JAYA (5292)


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