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Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy

Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy is tailored to address the common concerns of expectant mothers and provides relief from the natural stresses of adapting physically, mentally and emotionally to pregnancy.  It helps to release and relax tense and sore muscles, ease tight spots  and  improve circulation and mobility.  Designed with the goal of promoting relaxation and wellness.

The Thai Yoga Massage For Pregnancy Experience

Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy can bring comfort, support and a wonderful sense of nurturing. It can help to reduce stress, relieve muscle cramps, improve circulation, support digestion, alleviate back pain and swelling, release tight muscles and can promote whole body welless.

Performed on a cushioned floor mat with the addition of a back support to prop the recipient in an angled position while lying on the back. The recipient will also lie in side lying positions while being gently guided by the practitioner into gentle yoga like stretches and rotations for shoulders and hips to release tension.  Gentle point pressure massage is applied to muscles using hands, forearms, fingers, knees and feet.  Rhythmic rocking technique is used throughout the treatment to replenish energy and lull the recipient into a peaceful state for maximum relief.  Recipients are fully clothed in comfortable, loose or yoga like clothing.

Session Time

$240 for 3 60 minutes sessions:  A whole body massage with a prenatal focus, from head to feet. (Regular price: $95/60 minutes)


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