Studio Rental

Our OM Yoga room is available to rent when our classes and workshops are not running.

The studio has 2 french doors that close and we are surrounded by windows facing south and west.  Our yoga room is very bright during the day, and students can take in the city skyline during the evening.  The room offers a very open and airy feel, with curtains to shut out the light if needed.

We have a bluetooth sound system, where Spotify playlists can be downloaded. We offer high speed internet should you require it.

We offer a gender-inclusive changed room with a private area to change in. There are hooks for coats and bags.  We also have cubicles in our yoga room where students can keep valuables with them.

We are fully stocked with blankets, bolsters, blocks and pillows.

Our OM room rents for $50/hour.  Depending on what the yoga room is being used for, we ask for a $50 cleaning fee to have someone come in a clean the space.  However, this fee can be waived if cleaning is taken care of by the renter.

If you are interested in using our space, please send us an email at with the purpose of your inquiry, what the space will be used for and the dates you are interested in.  Namaste.




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