Holistic Treatments

At Jaya Yoga, we believe the mind, body, spirit, and our emotions all play a part in the quest for optimal health and wellness.  We offer a variety of healing modalities to choose from.

Is it time for some self care?

Check in with yourself…

How am I feeling today?
What am I thankful for?
Is there a negative attitude I have, that I need to change?
Do I need support?
Am I listening to my body?

At times, a little pampering can give us that extra little lift!  Our Practitioners are trained in a variety of therapeutic services.

*Thai Yoga Massage – Increased flexibility, relief of muscle tension and pain, improved range of motion and stress relief are just a few benefits of this healing massage. With its origins in Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient popular healing modaility.  This therapeutic type of massage and special techical movement manipulates the soft tissue in our body.  It feels like an assisted yoga practice without doing any of the work.  The Practitioner will move the body into yoga postures, breathing and  meditation.  The combination together brings the body into a deep relaxed state. This experience will help with circulation and lymphatic flow, and helps to increase one’s energy levels –

*Thai Yoga Foot Massage – Experience the safe application of pressure onto specific areas on the soles of your feet which when stimulated, affect other areas of the body in a safe and healthy way.  The Practitioner will use their hands, fingers and knuckles to help the client relax.  This healing practice helps improve blood circulation, relieves body pain and can help aid in improving one’s mood, promoting better sleep and feeling healthier. –

*Reiki Healing: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. It is gentle way of connecting to Universal healing energy through a calm hands-on technique for balancing the Chakra energy systems – which are the 7 major energy centers in the body.  Reiki can improve health and quality of life. This energy work treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and results in feelings of peace, security, and well being. It is ideal for any ailment, from general well-being to treating chronic & acute ailments.

*Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy – Our Thai Massage therapist is trained in Thai Pregnancy massage.  This massage provides relief from still muscles and joints and helps to bring flexibility to the body and relieve muscle pain and tension.  Relaxing and calming, this experience also provides emotional support and promotes relaxation – providing increased energy levels. A real treat of a treatment! –

Private and specifically taylored yoga classes  – Private Yoga classes are taylored specifically to your interests and needs.  We will speak with you first to determine what your goals are, and any possible restrictions.  Based on that, we will book you in with one of our certified Yoga Teachers.  We will provide a yoga mat to practice on (or bring your mat if you prefer), the bolsters, props and pillows needed and a bottle of water.

*Therapeutic Private Yoga classes – Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions are customized for individual student needs and movement goals.  Therapeutic yoga sessions may focus on specific asana or yoga postures, specific movement concerns or areas of tension in the body.  You learn movements to improve your functional mobility, to release tension, move with less effort and to free your breath.  You learn to pay attention to how you move and to recognize where and when you are compensating.  Through the improvement of functional movement, you gain a greater sense of ease, balanced with strength, and cultivate a comfortable stillness in your asana practice.  You may also experience better alignment, a reduction in strain or pain, and increased stamina. A written home practice is also provided for your use, as a review and practice between sessions or classes.

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