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Susanne Muller – Head of Yoga Teacher Training

Susanne is our Lead Instructor of our Yoga Teacher Training program. She started her journey into yoga over 20 years ago in her home country of Germany. Working in a demanding and stressful corporate job a friend recommended to try yoga. From the first moment Susanne lay down on her mat, listened to the teacher guiding the students through the…

Lila Silver

Lila is our awesome receptionist!  She is super knowledgable and can get you set up with your class card, a product purchase and anything else you might need assistance with.

Jacqualine Haller – Founder of Jaya Yoga & Jaya Meditation

Jacqualine Haller (Jaya) began practicing yoga in 2003 when a friend from work invited her to a class. Eventually the desire to try different styles and understand Yogic philosophy led her to Rishikesh, India in 2005. There, she studied with Akhanda Yoga under the guidance of Yogi Vishvketu and Chetana Panwar and graduated with her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification. …

Alexa Torontow

Alexa is wildly passionate about preventative health, mindful movement and discovering daily tools that help us feel better and live better. From kinesiology, nutrition and mental health to yoga and meditation, Alexa has sought out a variety of education in the health and wellness field to better understand the unique needs of each individual. With a desire to broaden her scope…

Athena Yuan

Athena’s mum first guided her into the world of yoga. When she was a teenager, Athena loved yoga because it made her feel relaxed and allowed her to eat more cheesecakes. After years of practicing, Athena finds out yoga has helped her grow stronger, develop greater self-awareness and gain more inner stability, both on and off the mat. Athena graduated…


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