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Mission Statement

We experience change in our lives every day. Some days are filled with much activity and stress, while other days are more geared towards savoring our experiences, or finding rest and renewal. Our goal is to provide an oasis for urban yogis to step away from busy city life and practice yoga within a peaceful and quiet space, while supporting a variety of practices to meet the needs of Toronto yoga practitioners.


Welcome to Jaya Yoga! Your North York (Toronto) Community Yoga Studio! Jaya Yoga North York is a boutique yoga studio that offers a peaceful calming environment where students can drop the business of their daily lives, leave their worries at the door, and focus on nurturing themselves through their yoga practice. Situated in the thriving and vibrant area of Yonge/Sheppard, amidst urban dwellings, gorgeous condominium high rises, and in view of the city lights, Jaya Yoga offers traditional yogic practices and philosophies in a non-heated environment. Come enjoy the serene and quiet surroundings in the convenient and local neighborhood of the Willowdale community. Practice in our large yoga room surrounded by windows, then relax and enjoy tea after class in our reception area. We offer a change room in case you are coming before or after work. This room is outfitted with hooks for coats and bags.  We have also created a storage space in the back of our yoga room, in case you need to keep your bag close to you.

You just need to bring your yoga mat!  If you forget yours, it’s okay!  We rent them out.  If you don’t have a yoga mat, we have a variety of mats for sale. Our Yoga room is equipped with all the props you will need for class – bolsters, pillows and blankets.   We have a beautiful reception area and a lovely retail space too.

Jaya Yoga North York is the perfect place for the complete holistic yoga experience combined with a true sense of community.

Studio Culture

The front reception area is meant for social interaction, but we ask the yoga room remain a place a quiet and stillness. The yoga room is a sacred space created for focus and meditation. Please be respectful of others. When you first come into the room, we invite you to sit or lie down on your yoga mat, while waiting for the teacher. The yoga room is a refuge away from conversation and noise and is meant to provide the student a peaceful environment to get centered.

We recommend you arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the start of your class. This will give you time to sign in at the reception desk, change if necessary, and have a few moments of silence in the yoga room to centre yourself and prepare for your practice. You can bring your bags into the room with you and place them in a cubby at the back of the yoga room.  Coats can be hung up in the change room.

It is disruptive to your fellow students to enter after the start of a class, so please leave yourself enough time to be on time.

A yoga class is like a sacred space; People coming in and out of the room disrupts the energy. For that reason, try to stay in the room for the duration of class. Rest in child’s pose or savasana if you need to take a break, but try to refrain from leaving the room. This will allow everyone to stay focused and present.

Come hydrated, rested and on an empty stomach. You can bring your own water bottle, or purchase a water bottle at reception.  We also offer fresh spring water from Cedar Springs to all our students.

Wear comfortable clothing. This might include shorts, t-shirts, leggings, yoga wear, tank tops, etc. Men usually wear shorts, t-shirts, or comfortable athletic pants that are easy to move in.

Bring your own mat and a towel if you like. You may also rent a mat at reception fro $3.  This fee goes towards cleaning, maintenance and replacing mats when necessary. We also sell a variety of high quality yoga mats at the reception area.

Please refrain from bringing your cell phone into class.  If you must, please ensure your phone is on silent.  We encourage our students to use their yoga class as a break from being constantly connected and tapped in.  Your yoga practice is time for you.

We ask that you remove your shoes when you enter and leave them in the front reception area.

Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions or oils as some of your fellow yogis may be sensitive to these smells.

If you have any questions, please see the teacher or reception before or after class. Namaste


Jacqualine Haller (Jaya) began practicing yoga in 2003 when a friend from work invited her to a class that took place in a heated room. Eventually the desire to try different styles and understand Yogic philosophy led her to Rishikesh, India in 2005. There, she studied with World Conscious Yoga Family (now Akhanda Yoga) under the guidance of Yogi Vishvketu and Chetana Panwar and graduated with her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

Since then, Jacqualine has had the opportunity to study many different avenues of spirituality, non-dualist philosophy and the connections between mind and body. Her desire for choice and balance in her own life, has led her to open Jaya Yoga Toronto. It is her utmost desire to provide people with choices in their yogic practice so that participants may recognize and nurture their inner essence. She recognizes that we are at different places each and every day based on our life events, and how important choice and selection is in her own practice. She wants to offer this to the Toronto Yoga community.

Jacqualine invites each and every one to come and enjoy Jaya Yoga and hopes that with the flexibility the schedule and classes offer, that everyone will find the right class, style and time that works for them.

Jacqualine (Jaya) can be reached at Jacqualine@jayayoga.ca or  www.jayameditation.com




by Jacqualine Haller

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