Jaya Meditation

“For your original face, you have to go inwards.”

Meditation is a practice of quieting the mind and bringing our awareness into the present moment. In our meditation classes and workshops, we explore a variety of different meditation techniques including mantra, breath awareness, affirmation and visualization. We have been leading Meditation classes since 2011.

Every month, we offer a 5 day meditation series.  You will have access to the LIVE LINKS and can practice anywhere you are, any time of the day or night.

Jacqualine Haller is the Author of “Pilgrimage for an OM” and “Love You to the Stars and Back” the voice/creator of Jaya Meditation, The AUM Project – and has taught meditation classes both locally and internationally. She is very enthusiastic about this practice, as it has helped her through many of life’s twists and turns. She designed a sequence to her classes over 13 years ago based on her own personal meditation journey.  The Jaya Meditation Method was created so students feel comfortable if they are new to meditation or have tried it and didn’t like the way the class was led.  It was created so students explore different breathing and relaxation techniques in a special sequence that helps one relax and go deeper.  There are certain techniques she guides students through which are meant to relax the body, occupy the mind and explore deep relaxation from there.  Her sequence keeps students coming back because it is easy to do, it is calming and people leave the class feeling relaxed and deeply connected.

Jacqualine recently released her 6th Guided Meditation album/download as a part of “A Jaya Meditation Series.”  These are recordings of her Meditation classes.  These albums are suitable for those new to meditation and for students with an established practice.  They are available on our website under the “shop” tab, or the Jaya Meditation website by clicking HERE, Amazon and ITunes! (ITunes: Jacqualine Haller) These recordings are suitable for those new to meditation and for students with an established practice.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be guided, and Jacqualine’s voice has this natural ability to softly guide you. Meditation is needed more than ever in these busy times.  Times that have us questioning what our purpose is and what the human experience is about.

What is “The AUM Project?” Click HERE to learn more!

Jacqualine’s 4th Guided Meditation recording titled “Koshas: The Five Layers of the Mind”, features her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu and the sounds of Ananda Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh India, chanting “om” with her.  She is thankful to Vishva and the teachings of Akhanda Yoga for the learning that has brought her this far.  For more information on Akhanda Yoga, visit their website by clicking here!
Jacqualine’s 5th Guided Meditation recording titled “Grace: The Effortlessness of Pure Consciousness” features Krishna Das chanting “om”  She would like to extend her deepest gratitude to famous American Kirtan Wallah – Grammy nominated Krishna Das (the Godfather of Kirtan) for being a part of her project.  For more information on Krishna Das, visit his website by clicking here! 
Jacqualine’s 6th Guided Meditation recording titled: “Calm” features world famous Grammy nominated Deva Premal as her Guest chanting “om” with her. She is beyond grateful to Deva Premal for being a part of her Meditation series project!  For more information about Deva Premal and Miten, visit their website by clicking here!

Our History:

For the last 10 years, Jacqualine (Jaya) has been leading Meditation classes and workshops, the Jaya monthly Community Meditation and our Annual 30 Day Meditation Challenge –  both locally and Internationally.

During this time, she created “The Jaya Meditation Sequence,”  “The Aum Project” and has recorded 6 Guided Meditation albums to date. (available on ITunes: Jacqualine Haller and at www.jayameditation.com)

A regular mindful practice helps keep life in balance with a healthy perspective, it allows us to stay connected to our internal guidance (intuition), and helps us to maintain mental health in times of change.

JAYA is the Sanskrit word for Victory.
May you experience Victory in all areas of your life.


“You have a lovely voice and calm demeanour that carries us in a safe container on our meditation journeys. I am reminded of the importance of a regular daily practice, its positive effects, what it brings up both good and bad, and how it gives me space to really live in the present moment, and see things clearly without filter. As you know, meditation can bring up all kinds of “stuff” both joyous and not so joyous, and you made me feel safe to be open to whatever arose. Thank you” C.M.

“There are not enough words to thank you for another beautiful September. You have taken me places I would have never gone on my own.  You are a great teacher in my life; in my soul. Your offering of these 30 Day Meditations I have taken and digested. I hope to give off a more fuller light, peace and freedom into the world” E.R

“Thank you so much for the meditation journey.  I absolutely felt the benefit and the beauty of it. It was a wonderful journey with so many different emotions each time. Bless you from my heart.” N.M.