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Anupma Saigal

Anu’s experience of yoga spans over 8 yrs!  She is passionate about teaching and her style consists of a smooth flow of poses ‘asanas’ incorporating Hatha, Vinyasa and Pilates disciplines. She also teaches our Yoga & Sculpt class where she introduces weights to build up strength and help sculpt the body!  She has an occupational therapy background and a solid…

Janet Perkons

Janet’s love for yoga started over a decade ago! It began as a physical practice but grew once she discovered the many mental benefits of what a well-rounded practice had to offer. Janet truly believes that yoga can help heal our physical, mental and emotional wounds. She hopes that students can tap into their sense of inner calmness, strength and…

Elizabeta Rotenberg

Elizabeta started practicing yoga 12 years ago and immediately felt that it was not merely a physical practice, but an inward journey that allowed her to become aware of the intricate connection between body and mind.  The yoga practice opened her to the gates of meditation, self-awareness and during her pregnancy, it promoted a deep bond between Elizabeta and her…

Tatjana Smrekar

Tatjana is passionate about supporting people to reach their highest potential and believes in the power of yoga and Thai yoga massage to help them achieve a peaceful state of wellbeing, move with ease and strength, and feel connected and whole in their physical, mental and emotional body.In 2010, after 20 years in her Developmental Services career and 10 years…

Marda Sperber

Marda loves bridging the connection of the inner light in all of us. She is trained in teaching Yoga, Meditation, Zumba, Kundalini, Ecstatic dance (a class combination of moving organically in a way that “feels right”)  She believes in connecting the Mind, Body, Energy and Heart into all her classes, and believes that linking Pranayama (breathwork) into all yoga styles…

Nasim Mahani

Nasim is an Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant working at a rehabilitation hospital for over 10 years with the burn, trauma and amputee populations.  Her experience with these groups has taught her about the importance of the mind-body connection in order to optimize recovery. Through the 200 hr YYT at Jaya Yoga, she has learned the value of body alignment, the…

Tony Watt

Tony is a registered psychotherapist who through the years has found his work extremely satisfying and rewarding, but at times had left him feeling emotionally and physically drained. He came into his yoga journey as a way to find a better work/life balance. He is so glad he did because it has been tremendously beneficial for both his mind and…

Susanne Muller – Head of Yoga Teacher Training

Susanne is our Lead Instructor of our Yoga Teacher Training program. She started her journey into yoga over 20 years ago in her home country of Germany. Working in a demanding and stressful corporate job a friend recommended to try yoga. From the first moment Susanne lay down on her mat, listened to the teacher guiding the students through the…

Lila Silver

Lila is our awesome receptionist!  She is super knowledgable and can get you set up with your class card, a product purchase and anything else you might need assistance with.







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