Welcome to Jaya Yoga Toronto!

Jaya Yoga Toronto provides students with a genuine authentic experience that incorporates original traditional yoga practices in our classes.  The Jaya Yoga Tribe consists of a community of teachers and students who are dedictated to experiencing a life of well-being and are conscientious of the energy we share in the world.  We celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes, we welcome students of all ages and walks of life, and we are a safe haven for our LGBTQ community.  We are committed to connection, inspiration, and learning what is possible in life through the practice of yoga, breathwork and meditation.  We seek to empower our students and community on and off the mat, through supporting their practice!

We believe that through practice and inclusion, we can rise together as a global community and change the world!

Our chic boutique yoga studio offers an elevated experience!  Our ‘tree-house’ yoga room is surrounded by windows with impressive views of the city!

We are confident that you will find the yoga class, workshop or teacher training program you’re searching for!

Jaya is the Sanskrit word for victory.

May you have victory in achieving your goals, in experiencing daily balance – in tasting pure bliss in your life.

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