Hatha Yoga

Level 1:

This class is ideal for those who wish or require a slower practice that encourages inner awareness and restoration. It is ideal for a time when you feel low on energy, are working with an injury or simply want to balance other more yang, active practices. Props are sometimes used to facilitate passive posture work and deep opening. There will also be a higher proportion of postures done close to the ground.  (Beginner Friendly)

Level 2:

Once students have an understanding of yoga postures a wider range of postures and breathing techniques become available. This class if for students who wish to explore a full range of asana and pranayama techniques, yoga philosophy, mantra and meditation, but through a mindful, moderate flow with more emphasis on nurturing and inner exploration.  This class builds strength and endurance, while encouraging mindfulness and balance.  Students at an intermediate level will love this class!