We offer a variety of yoga classes, styles and levels!

Hatha Yoga – all yoga is Hatha yoga.  What does that mean?  In North America, Yoga has gone through a lot of Branding.  There is nothing wrong with this, but the postures they are teaching are hatha yoga postures branded into a name or title.  Our Instructors are trained in Hatha yoga and therefore have the creative freedom to design classes and change things up each day.  They are trained in not only hatha yoga postures, but a variety of breathing teachniques (Pranayama).  This gives them the ability to teach classes that are not the same all the time.  They can change the class up from one day to the other, so that students benefit from all the hatha postures available.

Vinyasa Flow – This class is a gentle introduction to a flow class (referred to as Vinyasa which simply means “flow”)  Students will be guided through the class through a variety of postures that are specifically linked together, helping students to move seamlessly from one pose to another while using their breath to guide them. Students will start the class with a warm up on the mat, then move into a gentle flow from standing poses. The class finishes off back down on your mat to warm down and rest in sivasana.

Mommy & Baby Yoga – Pre-crawling & Crawling little ones are welcome! This class is a yoga class for new Mom’s, but sometimes the babies are incorporated into the postures you are doing.  Sometimes the babies will sit and stare at each other, safely surrounded by pillows and bolsters (which is super cute).  Sometimes they participate and are on the mat with their mom’s.  Students just do what they are able to do, while we understand sometimes babies fuss, need to be fed or changed and cry.  Everyone is in the same situation and it is all okay.  Fussing and crying is welcome and understood.  No judgement.  Our Instructor has children of her own and is able to support new mom’s along their journey back into yoga after having a baby.

Prenatal Yoga – There are many benefits for pregnant women through a regular yoga practice.Yoga allows women to take time to connect with their baby and their changing body. It allows space for the new mother to communicate and acknowledge this special and sacred time of connecting and being at one with the baby. In these classes, you will learn grounding and breathing techniques. This class will assist in releasing back pain or strain and will help increase flexibility and strength. Prenatal yoga helps in preparing for the birthing experience and aids in deconstructing negative relationships to pain by teaching expecting students to consciously relax and focus on their breath, providing useful tools for the birthing experience.

Flow and Restore – Flow & Restore class is a gentle yoga class for any age or fitness level. To find balance in the body, we need both movement and stillness. During the first half of your class your instructor is going to guide you through a slow paced gentle flow to warm the body up and de-stress. The second half of the class is deeply relaxing, without any muscle engagement! The support of props is going to help to loosen up the body and melt away tension in both body and mind.

Yin and Restorative Yoga – Finding stillness, and cooling the body is what you will experience in this slow paced class. With Yin Yoga, students hold postures for a longer period of time which helps to increase flexibility in that specific part of the body. When you hold a yoga pose for longer, you are able to access fascia and connective tissue.  This helps keep joints healthy, and is an effective way to open tight hips and hamstrings. It goes hand-in-hand with a restorative yoga practice, where are you students will use bolsters props and pillows to support the body into opening while they focus on breath work. This class is suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike. This class is grounding, calming and revitalizing with energetic and emotional benefits.

Reiki and Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga is a healing yoga practice that reduces stress in the body and mind while supporting the body’s natural responses to well-being and healing. This class uses props to support the body, while the student focuses on breath work and meditative techniques. A restorative yoga practice leaves the student with a deep sense of relaxation, which can help with insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, and other conditions or ailments. What is Reiki Healing? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. It is gentle way of connecting to Universal healing energy through a calm hands-on technique for balancing the Chakra energy systems – which are the 7 major energy centers in the body.  Reiki can improve health and quality of life. This energy work treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and results in feelings of peace, security, and well being. It is ideal for any ailment, from general well-being to treating chronic & acute ailments. In this class, students will use bolsters, props and pillows to support the body into opening, while the Instructor transfers healing Reiki energy through hands-on techniques to clear out energy blockages in the body. Students will leave feeling relaxed, calm and ready for sleep.

Yoga Therapy and Fundamentals – Are you feeling stuck in your regular yoga practice?  Do you have mobility restrictions or concerns?  Are you recovering from an injury?  Are you new to yoga?  Have you been away from yoga for a while?  This therapeutic yoga class offers you the experience of better stability, improved mobility, and a sense of ease in your body.  We follow key movement principles that support a greater understanding of better body mechanics, promoting well-being for daily living.  Students gain greater body awareness, recognize compensations and discover new insights in their movement and asana practice.  We move at a slower pace and focus on one yoga pose or a combination of poses and movement exercises.  As you move better, release pain and strain, you will relax more easily and cultivate ease, strength and stamina.  For beginner to intermediate level students.  A perfect compliment to faster paced yoga styles.

Community Meditation class – Since 2011, Jaya Yoga has hosted a Guided Community Meditation class each month. This class is led by Jacqualine Haller, the founder and director of Jaya Yoga Toronto.  This class runs the last Sunday of every month from 7-8pm. (no class July/August) No experience necessary.  Open to the Community.  Please bring your yoga mat, as a portion of class is done laying down. Minimum suggested donation $10. We believe our beautiful meditative energy should support a charity and help others in need.  In 2019, we had the pleasure of collecting for the SEVA Food Bank. For 2020 – our meditation donations will be going to “Helping Hands of India.”  Helping Hands for India is a charitable organization, managed by a dedicated team of volunteers, who are committed to providing educational opportunities and to promote well being to children in India.  Click HERE to learn more about their work  **Jacqualine Haller is the founder of Jaya Yoga and Meditation and has taught Meditation classes both locally and on the International stage. She has been leading Meditation classes for over 10 years. She hosts our 30 day Meditation challenge each year, a meditation series each month, and has composed 6 Guided Meditation CD’s (ITunes: Jacqualine Haller) which has contributors such as Yogrishi Vishvketu (Visit HERE), Krishna Das (Visit HERE) and Deva Premal (Visit HERE).  Please note:  Our Community Meditation classes are recorded LIVE and uploaded onto our Youtube channel. Jaya Yoga reserves the rights and usage of this video.

Monthly Jaya Meditation Series – We run a 5 day Meditation series each month. Each month, Jacqualine offers a Guided Meditation series.  We start early each day clearing our minds, settling our thoughts and grounding ourselves so that we experience of the rest of the day feeling happier, brighter and clearer.  We begin by getting in touch with our intuition, so that we feel more confident to navigate the day (and life’s challenges), from this sacred special place that is within each of us. Jacqualine creates a platform where students can either attend in person or online – where those participating are supported on their own path of healing.  Check out our “Events” page for dates.

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