Prenatal Yoga

Movement. Breath-work. Stretch

Jaya Yoga has been leading prenatal yoga classes since 2011. There are many benefits for pregnant women through a regular yoga practice.

Yoga allows women to take time to connect with their baby and their changing body. It allows space for the new mother to communicate and acknowledge this special and sacred time of connecting and being at one with the baby.

In these classes, you will learn grounding and breathing techniques. This class will assist in releasing back pain or strain and will help increase flexibility and strength. Prenatal yoga helps in preparing for the birthing experience and aids in deconstructing negative relationships to pain by teaching expecting students to consciously relax and focus on their breath, providing useful tools for the birthing experience.

This class is a pre-register class, as the Instructor will move the class along as a group and it gives the participants a chance to get to know other students taking the class. This class is available for drop-in at our drop in rate.